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If your child tends to feel nervous or anxious in the dental chair, our dentists, Dr. Ray Snider & Associates, have some tips that can help you change that. The more positive appointment your child has, the better. To help your child feel calm, comfortable and relaxed during their appointments, you can do the following things:

-Don’t use scary words: Words like pain, shot and surgery can make your child nervous and anxious for their appointment. It’s best to avoid those words and use more positive and relaxing dental words and phrases, like a strong smile, healthy teeth, top-notch gums and more.

-Bring comfort items to the appointment: Your child’s favorite blanket or teddy bear might help your child feel more comfortable during treatment, so bring them! We want your child to feel as comfortable as possible in the dental chair.

-Distract your child during treatment: Hold their hand and tell them exciting stories. You could even play music from your phone or their favorite movie or TV show. The more you distract them, the less they think about the treatment.

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