Retainers in Fort Worth, TX

Once you are done with the orthodontic treatment of your choice, Dr. Haley Buchanan will provide you with a retainer to maintain the alignment of your teeth. To schedule an appointment with our orthodontist or to learn more about retainers in Fort Worth, Texas, please contact Lake Country Dental at (817) 236-8771.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do retainers hurt more than braces?

No, retainers should not hurt more than metal braces. However, at first, you may experience some pressure or mild discomfort while wearing your retainer. This should subside after a few days once your mouth is accustomed to regular use. 

If you’re experiencing pain that doesn’t feel like pressure, contact our Fort Worth office at (817) 236-8771 to schedule an appointment. There may be a piece of metal or plastic in the retainer that’s causing irritation. Dr. Snider will examine your mouth and retainer to determine an effective solution to help relieve discomfort.

How long do you have to wear a retainer?

Retainer use varies from patient to patient and the extent of their orthodontic treatment. Once your braces are removed, it’s important to wear your retainer for at least 20 hours a day to prevent your teeth from shifting out of place. Regular retainer use typically lasts anywhere from six months to one year, depending on your orthodontists’ recommendation.

Will my teeth shift without wearing a retainer?

Yes, your teeth will gradually shift out of alignment if you choose not to wear your retainer for a long period of time. It’s common for your teeth to shift as you age, but regular retainer use will help minimize your risk. If your retainer no longer fits properly, you’ll need to schedule an appointment so we can have a new retainer created to shift your bite back to alignment.

I broke my retainer. What should I do?

If you broke your retainer, it’s important not to worry and don’t try to fix it yourself. Give us a call at (817) 236-8771 or fill out a contact form to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. Our Fort Worth dental team will fit you for a new retainer and get you back on track toward a straighter, more beautiful smile.