Dental Bridges in Fort Worth, TX


Lake Country Dental provides dental bridges in Fort Worth, Texas, and will be happy to restore your smile if you have missing teeth. To schedule an appointment with one of our friendly dentists, or to learn more about this procedure, please contact our office at (817) 236-8771.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any complications associated with dental bridges?


Dental bridges usually don’t last a lifetime, so caring for them is essential to increase their longevity. Scheduling bi-annual cleanings and checkups with Dr. Snider, in addition to following a regular oral hygiene routine, is required to prevent and address any issues that may arise.

It’s not uncommon for decay to form under the crown due to bacteria exposure, and changes in the bridge can occur due to wear and tear that can make it look or feel unnatural. If you experience any problems with your dental bridge, contact us immediately at (817)-236-8771 and we’ll be happy to restore your smile.

Choosing a highly respected dentist, such as Dr. Snider, will help ensure your bridge and smile stay healthy for many years to come.


What’s the difference between dental implants and dental bridges?


The process of getting dental bridges is much faster than the implant process and doesn’t require surgery, so the recovery time is minimal. Bridges complete the gap between missing teeth and are held in place by anchoring teeth on either side of the gap called abutments. 

Dental bridges can be removable or fixed and last from five to fifteen years, or even longer with excellent oral care and biannual checkups with Dr. Snider. 

Dental implants, on the other hand, require surgery and several appointments to complete the process. The implant consists of a titanium post that replaces your natural tooth root to support a customized porcelain crown, with a small abutment connecting the restoration together. 

The recovery process for implants is longer, about three to six months in total. However, the longer treatment pays off over time. With proper oral care and checkups, dental implants can last up to a lifetime. 


What happens during the process of getting a dental bridge?


The dental bridge procedure typically takes two appointments which last about 20 to 30 minutes each. To start, Dr. Snider will prep the teeth surrounding the gap which will anchor the bridge in place. These teeth, called abutments, will be lightly buffed so that crowns can be placed over them. 

Then, a detailed impression will be taken so that the crowns, pontic, and bridge can be customized in a lab. Dr. Snider will make a temporary bridge for you to wear in the meantime. Once your restoration arrives, the temporary bridge will be removed and the new bridge will be adjusted for a perfect fit before it’s cemented into place.


How much does a dental bridge cost?


The cost of a dental bridge is based on your specific needs and the details of the procedure. Insurance will usually cover a portion of the expenses. It’s best to check with your provider to see how much is covered. 

Depending on the type of procedure and the number of teeth needed to fill the gap, bridges typically range from $2,000 to $5,000. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Snider by calling (817) 236-8771. At the consultation, he’ll examine your oral health, determine the best treatment plan, and provide you with an estimate.

Here at Lake Country Dental, we’re proud to offer flexible financing options, so there’s no need to sacrifice your health or feel like you’re in a pinch.


How do I care for my dental bridge?


Dental bridges are prone to decay, which is why caring for them is essential to their longevity. In addition to scheduling bi-annual checkups and cleanings with Dr. Snider, you’ll want to maintain a regular oral hygiene routine of brushing twice daily and flossing at least once to prevent plaque buildup and other complications.