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Restore Your Functional, Beautiful Smile

older woman smilingKeeping your teeth in top condition can be a challenge, especially when there are so many factors that can harm your teeth’s function and appearance. Damaged, decayed, or missing teeth can make daily tasks such as eating and speaking a struggle, which is why Dr. Ray Snider is proud to offer various restorative dentistry services to help you reclaim your smile.

At Lake Country Dental, we provide restorative dental care to help rebuild your healthy teeth and other vital oral structures. Read on to learn more about our restorative services and how you may benefit. Call 817-236-8771 to learn more. 


What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is a specialized field focused on repairing and enhancing various aspects of your smile, aiming to bring back its aesthetic appeal and functional integrity. This branch of dentistry addresses conditions such as severe decay, irreparable damage, missing teeth, and weakened dental structures, providing patients with comprehensive solutions to restore their oral health and confidence.


Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

male patient smilingThere are several benefits of restorative dentistry, including:

  • Improved Functionality: Restorative dentistry procedures are designed to enhance the functionality of your teeth. These interventions contribute to better oral function, making daily tasks such as chewing and speaking more comfortable.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: One of the primary benefits of restorative dentistry is the significant improvement in the aesthetics of your smile. These procedures boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Prevention of Further Damage: Restorative dentistry acts as a preventive measure against further dental issues. Dental crowns, for example, not only restore the appearance of damaged teeth but also protect them from additional harm or bacterial invasion. 
  • Customized Treatment Plans: Restorative dentistry is highly personalized, with treatment plans tailored to meet individual needs. Your dentist will create a customized plan to address your unique oral health concerns, ensuring optimal results.


Our Restorative Dentistry Treatments

Dental Crowns

Our dental crowns, crafted with cutting-edge CEREC technology, set us apart by allowing us to provide stunning crown restorations in just one visit. Ideal for restoring unattractive, decayed, or damaged teeth, these dental crowns ensure a comfortable and natural fit, giving you a beautiful smile to take pride in. Moreover, they serve both cosmetic and preventative purposes, protecting your teeth from further damage or harmful bacteria.

Dental Implants

model of dental implantsConsidered the gold standard in restorative dentistry, dental implants offer a comprehensive solution to natural tooth loss, replacing a tooth from root to crown. Acting as a preventive measure, they are attached to the jawbone, preventing deterioration and shifting of adjacent teeth, common problems after tooth loss. Our Fort Worth restorative dentist customizes dental implant restorations using crowns that seamlessly blend with your natural teeth, providing a long-lasting and durable alternative to dentures.

Dental Bridges

Designed to bridge the gap caused by missing teeth, dental bridges can restore one to four adjacent teeth. Whether you opt for a traditional dental bridge or an implant-supported one, our skilled dentist, Dr. Snider, designs your bridge to ensure a sturdy and durable restoration of missing teeth. The choice between the two depends on your unique needs, but both options promise to harmonize with your natural smile.



Aftercare for a Restorative Dental Treatment

Aftercare for a restorative dental treatment is crucial to ensure a smooth recovery and long-lasting results. While specific instructions may vary based on the type of procedure you’ve undergone, here are some general guidelines for post-restorative dental care:

  • Oral Hygiene Maintenance: Practice meticulous oral hygiene to keep the treated area clean. Brush your teeth gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush, being cautious around the restoration site.
  • Dietary Considerations: Stick to a soft or liquid diet, especially in the initial days after treatment. Avoid extremely hot or cold foods and beverages to prevent sensitivity.
  • Avoid Harmful Habits: Refrain from smoking, as it can hinder the healing process and compromise the success of the restoration. Steer clear of chewing on hard objects or ice to prevent damage to the newly restored area.
  • Manage Discomfort: It’s normal to experience some discomfort or mild pain after a restorative procedure. Over-the-counter pain relievers, as recommended by your dentist, can help alleviate this.
  • Attend Follow-up Appointments: Attend all scheduled follow-up appointments with your dentist to assess the progress of your restoration and address any concerns.


Financing a Restorative Dental Treatment

We aim to make the financial aspect of your dental care as stress-free as possible. Here are some of the ways we can help you afford your restorative treatment and manage your payments: 

Insurance Inquiries

Wondering if we accept your insurance plan? Call Lake Country Dental to get the information you need. To learn more about our financial options and discover how you can achieve a healthy, beautiful smile without financial worry, please contact our office at (817) 236-8771.

CareCredit: Your Path to Affordable Dental Care

CareCredit operates as a short-term financing solution, functioning as a credit card for your dental care needs. Apply by phone or online, get approval, and use it to cover copays, deductibles, or expenses not covered by insurance. Enjoy the flexibility of paying over six to 24 months, with the potential for interest-free financing if paid in full within the specified timeframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is restorative dentistry safe?

Restorative dentistry is generally safe when performed by skilled and experienced professionals. Dental procedures are conducted with precision and adhere to strict safety protocols. Choose a reputable dentist and follow post-treatment care instructions for optimal safety.

How do I know I need a dental restoration?

Several signs of dental trauma may indicate the need for dental restoration. These include severe tooth decay, irreparable damage, missing teeth, or weakened teeth. If you experience persistent toothaches, sensitivity, or difficulty in daily tasks due to dental issues, consult a dentist. Regular dental check-ups can also identify potential restoration needs before they escalate.

How long does a dental restoration appointment take?

The duration of a dental restoration appointment varies based on the specific procedure and complexity of the case. More complex treatments may require multiple appointments over several weeks. Your dentist will provide a detailed timeline during the consultation based on your unique situation.

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