Palatal Expanders in Fort Worth, TX

Lake Country Dental provides palatal expanders in Fort Worth, Texas, for those patients who need this treatment for their upper jaw. Dr. Haley Buchanan will make sure you understand how to use the expander correctly before you leave our office. To schedule an appointment with our orthodontist, or to learn more about palatal expanders, please contact our office at (817) 236-8771.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do palatal expanders hurt?

When you receive a palatal expander from Dr. Buchanan, you won’t feel any pain. After you’ve had the expander in, you may feel a slight pressure on your teeth and around your nose as it works to open your upper jaw.

These small discomforts are temporary and typically only occur periodically for about five minutes or less.

Can adults get palatal expanders?

Generally, palatal expanders are designed for children looking to expand their narrow palate and open the jaw so their mouths can properly develop. However, palatal expanders aren’t limited to helping children.

Adults may receive an expander to widen their upper jaw. This will depend on a variety of factors that Dr. Buchanan can explain during your initial consultation.

How long do you wear a palatal expander?

Typically, a palatal expander only needs to be worn for one to three weeks. Some patients with more severe cases may require six months of treatment time with a palatal expander.

We can help determine how long your orthodontic process will be with an expander at your consultation.