Pain-Free Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fort Worth, TX

Our talented dentists at Lake Country Dental provide wisdom teeth removal in Fort Worth, Texas. If you need your wisdom teeth extracted, we can provide you with a safe and comfortable experience. To schedule an appointment, or to learn more about wisdom teeth removal, please contact our office at (817) 236-8771.

Wisdom Teeth FAQs

How many days off do you need after wisdom teeth removal?

When you have your wisdom teeth removed here at Lake Country Dental, you will need to have three full days of recovery. This may vary for each patient, and some say they are able to return to work or school on the third day following their procedure.

It’s important to know that you should only return to your normal schedule after your wisdom teeth are extracted as long as you don’t have too much physical activity or mentally stressful work.

Is wisdom tooth removal painful?

Here at our Fort Worth dental office, wisdom tooth removal can be done safely and efficiently by our team of doctors, meaning you’ll experience little to no pain throughout the procedure.

We will provide you with one of our sedation dentistry options to ensure you feel comfortable and pain-free during the extraction.

After your procedure is complete, we will provide you with medication to help deal with any discomfort you may experience during your healing process.

Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth usually need to be removed if they are impacting your other teeth or if they cause other issues in your mouth. Sometimes, it may not be necessary to remove your third molars, but this should be determined by our team of dental experts.

If we find that there is not enough space in your mouth for your wisdom teeth, we will need to extract them. Sometimes, wisdom teeth will grow in crooked which affects your other teeth and requires removal as well. You may also feel pain in your jaw and teeth which is another reason to have your wisdom teeth removed.

We can help determine whether or not it’s necessary to remove yours at one of your dental exams.