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Do you know how to help your TMJ’s? If not, that’s OK because we can help you! Your TMJ’s, also known as temporomandibular joints, are an essential function in your life to eat or talk. If your TMJ’s are causing you trouble, then the critical thing to keep in mind is to seek help right away.

Our dentists, Dr. Ray Snider & Associates are happy to help you with your TMJ blues. Furthermore, our team at Lake Country Dental in Fort Worth, Texas, wants to share with you some tips on how to treat TMJ from your home.
Here are some ways to help your TMJ’s at home:

– Anti-stress systems like meditation, yoga and soothing music to help with stress can help your TMJ’s. Most people struggle with stress, and there are thousands of ways to help it. If you find a way to lower your stress that could be causing your TMJ’s to become inflamed, you can help them feel better.
– Night guards worn while you sleep and are advantageous because teeth grinding can infuriate your TMJ’s causing tenderness and pain.
– Chewing on softer foods will be gentler on your jaw and help you with any tension or pressure you might be putting on your jaw.
– Heat or ice packets can help with discomfort and swelling from your joints when needed.

If you are looking for help, then you have come to the right place! Our team is happy to welcome you and schedule you an appointment. Simply pick up the phone and call (817) 236-8771 to talk to a member of our dental team. We are always happy to welcome you and give you the help your smile needs.