Regular dental checkups should start at the age of one and continue throughout adult life. Dr. Cain at Lake Country Dental can help your child to create healthy dental habits by demonstrating proper flossing and brushing techniques at each dental visit. These techniques are essential to the wellbeing of your child’s oral health and should be continued at home. Along with proper flossing and brushing techniques, your child will receive dental cleanings when they visit our office. These cleanings help to prevent disease and infection, and remove plaque.

If there is an issue with your child’s oral health that needs to be addressed, our dentist will let you know, and take the necessary corrective or preventive steps. We recommend that parents stay with their child to help them relax during these procedures.

To learn more about regular dental checkups for children, or to schedule an appointment in Fort Worth, Texas, with Dr. Cain, we invite you to call our office at (817) 236-8771. We look forward to inspiring your child to continue good oral hygiene at home!