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Have you ever wanted a customizable tooth restoration that can be crafted to fit alongside your other teeth and provided a level of stability for any week or broken teeth that you may have? If so, you may want to consider a dental crown which can cap and conceal a tooth on all sides and protect against future damage such as tooth decay and dental erosion above the gum line.

Dental crowns are extremely effective because they cap and conceal teeth to the degree that they will be protected for decades to come. They are even safe and effective for use on children who are at a high risk for tooth decay. In situations where other treatment options cannot be effectively used, composite dental crowns can be applied to provide the necessary protection for your surrounding jawline. Because they are extremely durable, it is possible for a single dental crown to last up to a lifetime of use. Dental crowns can even be used in situations where a dental filling is needed, but not enough tooth remains. In these situations, dental crowns can bind the filling and tooth together. Dental crowns can even hold together pieces of broken teeth to restore the function to a tooth once more.

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